Workplace Injuries an Employee Should Know

Mate, you’re on another day at work. You don’t want to complain because you need to make a living, so you went to work. As the hours went by, you thought nothing out of the ordinary would happen. Then with a flash of a second, you fell down the stairs, for example. And now you’re injured at work. What can you do? This is why having a workplace injury management plan is important in every employing institution. Australia has a law for worker’s safety namely Worker’s Compensation Act of 1998. If you’re an employee, you should tell your employer about it.

Injury in the workplace

The situation above happens in relatively office-style companies, but injury is inevitable and may happen to any employee in the workplace. There are companies who are staffing hands-on and heavy duty workers like carpenters, engineers, land surveyors, mechanics, drivers and other jobs. They need compensation for workplace injury management in case they are hurt from performing a task or two at work. If your company has these benefits, then consider yourself lucky! You are covered when you experience work-related injuries. Check Carina Medical for more details.

What are work-related injuries?

Work-related injuries can be seen and unseen by the naked eye. If you live in Hemmant, mate, you always have a reason to take off work and go to the doctor for workplace injury management Hemmant has today when you have the following:

  1. Physical injuries – like if you break your back from falling down the stairs or received a deep cut from performing at work and other physical injuries. Burns, broken arm or leg, lacerations–anything that happens to break through your skin and bones are physical injuries.
  1. Psychological injuries – if you feel very anxious or depressed at work and cannot function properly with the daily tasks. Another example is that you’re experiencing some psychosis (hallucinations) or have an uncontrollable surge of emotions (mood swings) and other psychiatric symptoms that will disturb your co-workers.
  1. Worsening health condition – if your workplace is affecting your current health condition or somehow your health condition is worsening for no known reason. For example, an employee has chronic asthma and he was assigned in a dusty environment where his asthma is triggered on spot.
  1. Diseases – fever, cough, and other treatable diseases like flu. With injury management in the workplace, you can get a flu vaccination Hemmant has to offer. Other diseases like appendicitis, tuberculosis, gastritis and more can be taken care of.

Australia is placing importance on workplace safety. Hemmant is not the only place you can go to. You can also find workplace injury management Murarrie service to help you out. Some companies offer their injured employees to work from home if they have a computer and internet at home and if they have an office job. On the other hand, once employees gets better, they can return to work.

Keep safe, workers!

Workers are not robots. They are people needing care with proper workplace injury management. Carina Medical and Specialist Centre accepts workers with injuries and treats them with utmost care and attention. For appointments, visit this link: