Looking for a Commercial Gate to Buy? Consider These Factors First

As gates are essential for security and morale of the people inside the premise, it’s important to choose the right one. But how can you tell if you’ve found an apt gate for your property? The perfect way to evaluate your choice of electric gates is to consider how well it suits the following needs



Choosing the right type of gate is key to uphold your premises’ security. The right choice could also complement your property’s facade. There might be a lot of gate designs today. But there are only five main types of gates – barrier, automation, slide, swing, and vertical pivot point lift. There are also electric gates Midlands homeowners might like to consider.


  • Barrier – Impact resistant and tamper-proof good for retail store and commercial parking lots.
  • Automation – Gates that are operated using electronic or remote controls for ease of entry and exit.
  • Slide – Cost-effective and space-efficient perfect for areas with small outdoor spaces.
  • Swing – Highly durable and strong, making it a perfect option for added security for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.
  • Vertical pivot point lift – Highly efficient and can be used for properties with uneven driveways, speedbumps, drainage swales, and rugged terrain.


2. Features and Purpose

Before buying a gate, identify your needs first. Would you be allowing huge trucks into your property? Or would you like your gate to open or close faster and with ease for better traffic flow? Are you looking forward to have a versatile and flexible gate? Do you like to have one that you can modify the design and colour to add style to your outdoor area? By answering these questions, you’ll know what features you’ll need to integrate with your electric gates.


3. Aesthetics

Aside from its function, electric gates Northampton providers offer could also be used to contribute to the outdoor’s aesthetics. Consider the outdoor features of your property. Do you have huge trees or flowering plants? Or do you have a pool area with outdoor room and kitchen? Or do you have a spacious outdoor area that also functions as a parking space? By looking into these features, you can make a wise choice about the make and design of your gate.


4. Ease of Use and Methods of Access

Lastly, look into the features of the electric gates you’re choosing and see if it’s easy to use. Would you like a manual gate? Would you prefer to have a motorised or remote control one? Manual gates might cost less, but it’s also inconvenient. If you’re looking for gates for a commercial property, it’s best to opt for automatic one for ease of use.


The right gate could contribute a lot to your property. Once you find the right commercial gates Leicester has for residential or commercial areas, threats to your safety and security will be reduced. Companies like Mactec Electric Gates are experts in commercial gates and domenstic ornate gates. They have the right experts to install and maintain electric gates to keep your premises safe and secure. Visit them at http://www.magtecelectricgates.co.uk/ for more details.