How to choose the ideal building student accommodation

Looking for the best building student accommodation in Australia? If you have budget for a reliable accommodation, consider yourself fortunate.

Did you know that homelessness is a prevalent problem in Australian college students? Because of the high cost of housing, students often end up being homeless when they study in another place. In other cases, they couchsurf, which means they live in their friends’ houses temporarily.

That is why if your parents can afford to rent a uni accommodation for you, don’t waste your privilege. Be meticulous in choosing your very first accommodation in Australia. This way, you will avoid wasting your parents’ hard-earned money and your time as well.

Before choosing accommodation, check out if they can offer you these:

1. Favourable location

Of course, ideally, you should look for a building student accommodation near your university. However, you should also think about its surrounding establishments.

Does the apartment have accessible 24/7 facilities, laundry shops, clinics, pharmacies, or parks? If the accommodation is conveniently located in a viable district, then go for it. You can expect a good quality of life if you rent one of their units.

2. High-quality, well-maintained amenities

Knowing that you have the budget, you should never settle for accommodation that’s just okay. If ever you have the privilege to scout the area, visit their rooms and the building’s surroundings.

Do the facilities suit your needs? Can they supply the essentials, such as the utensils, pots, and pans? It would help if they can provide those as well. With available kitchen essentials, you can whip up a healthy dish anytime. You won’t rely too much on fast food deliveries.

3. 24/7 reliable WiFi connection

This is one of the cornerstones of a high-quality accommodation in Australia for students. If they can provide 24/7 WiFi with no data cap, then we don’t see a good reason to forego booking a unit in their building.

With this kind of option, you’ll be acing your tests and papers in no time. You don’t need to cram in coffee shops with unreliable internet connections—you can finish your assignments in your own room! Even better, you can catch up with your favourite TV series on Netflix after finishing your assignments.

4. Safety and security protocols for students

You may be living in a city with a low crime rate; however, it still pays to be safe. Therefore, when choosing accommodation in Brisbane, for example, ask about their security protocols.

Are their staff members available to assist you 24/7? Do they have a CCTV, burglar alarm, or auto-lock doors? If they have one or two of those, then you should definitely consider booking that building student accommodation. You will study and sleep better knowing that you’re well-guarded.

5. Great membership programmes

Living in a high-quality student accommodation, you should get what you will be paying for—and you should be getting more! That means you should ask about their membership privileges.

Do they have an active community of students that has a voice in the facility? In an accommodation, the community of students and staff should be able to communicate well with each other. Moreover, do they provide scholarships for students or reward referrals? You should consider these features, too.


Don’t waste your opportunities as a student in Australia. Live your best life as a student. Become three times more productive in the best accommodation for students.

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