Discount Hotels in Bangkok Are Visitors’ First Choice

Attractions of Bangkok are irresistible. There may be hardly any globetrotters who have not stepped into this beautiful city of Thailand. There is no shortage of luxurious hotels in this city. Luxury, lavishness, and aristocracy are in the air of Bangkok. However, too few people in this world have the capacity to enjoy lavish and ultra-modern facilities of luxury hotels in Bangkok. There are numerous other visitors in this city who cannot indulge in such ultra modern facilities, yet they want to visit and enjoy the city. Fortunately, there are a few popular discount hotels in Bangkok, which take care of visitors who are looking for less-expensive hotels in and around the city. The options for a discount hotel Bangkok market has today are not only a favorite choice among tourists but also an example of ultimate professionalism where tourists like to stay over and over again.

The Concept of Discount Hotel

Discount hotels don’t mean ugly looking building, dirty floors, less water in bathrooms, no room services and everything negative. On the contrary, discount hotels In Bangkok can change a visitor’s notion about discount hotels. The best discount hotel Bangkok offers today has an awesome architectural construction with all modern amenities. Nobody can say that a discount hotel in Bangkok has cut short normal requirements or special facilities. The management of these hotels has lowered the prices for the following reasons:

  • To get more customers in their hotels.
  • To popularize tourism in Bangkok.

On the other hand, facilities offered are just comparable with any high-priced hotel in Bangkok. This is their good management that has enabled these hotels to cut down prices in different aspects.

Special Facilities in Discount Hotels

Apart from normal facilities provided by all hotels in Bangkok, these discount hotels have some special facilities:

  • Pick up and drop facility is available for all visitors staying in these hotels. Apart from Airport, such facility is also available from and to the railway station too.
  • For health-conscious guests, a gym with all modern appliances is provided, which is absolutely free of cost.
  • 24 hours free internet accessibility for all guests.
  • Discounts on foods and beverages are offered time to time. In some cases, discounts are always given on ordering certain quantity or dishes.
  • Free laundry for every guest with laundry support staff.

Apart from these normal facilities, there are some paid facilities offered on the demand of a visitor. In any famous discount hotel Bangkok has to offer, cars are provided with chauffeur for a city visit and sightseeing. They also have a medical assistant who can assist in an emergency. There is also special support for children and elderly tourists, etc., but all are a part of paid services.

Reasons Behind their Popularity

Anybody, who stays for some days in these discount hotels, likes to return. They speak about their experience at the hotel, the facilities and above all the staff, which is highly professional. Here are a few reasons why have become so popular:

  • Everything is managed by professional staff. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. A personal touch in every activity by the staff is the primary reason behind their popularity.
  • Apart from discounted room rates, they provide numerous other services without charging a single baht, for which guests feel extremely happy.
  • Online booking facility is very well-managed. Booking sites are very concise yet facilities and rules are clearly explained to travelers.
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How to Treat Needed Repairs for a Long Term Property Rental

Are you looking for a home for a year’s stay in Phuket, Thailand? May it be for business or leisure, a condominium unit is recommended for one or two residents given the setting it has. Condominiums for rent are mushrooming in Phuket yet very few may render the services you like. Several condos offering long term rental Phuket has today are no different from an apartment, except on the legally enforceable rules for all residents in the complex. It can affect your day-to-day life, in some extent.

long term rental phuketThere are possible problems to arise regarding the condition of the unit you are renting. So before you sign the lease agreement for long term rental Phuket has to offer, find out your role, the Homeowners Association’s role, and the owner or property rental manager’s role regarding repairs.

When to Contact the Owner/ Property Manager and the HOA

When it comes to repairs, the difficult part is to determine whether the tenant or owner will undertake it. Normally, a tenant contacts the owner or property manager in order to fix the problem. If the issue concerns the common area, such as the hallway or a recreation facility, the Homeowners Association (HOA) is the right company to direct the concern. There are instances, as well, that both should be contacted. For example, leaking water from a unit drips into the subterranean parking, then in such case the HOA will do the repair and bill the owner or property manager for the cost incurred.

Improvement by Tenants and Concessions

Owners/property managers are always eager to provide allowances for tenant improvements. Other concessions, such as giving free rent for a certain month to the tenant that signs a long term lease. These are not applicable for short term leases.

Role of Owner/Property Managers on Maintenance

While the enumerated roles below are also applicable in apartment rentals, they are also considered as pertinent in condo unit rentals:

  • To check for water leakage
  • To check if smoke detectors are functioning well
  • To do exterior walk-around
  • To check the air handler and the heat pumps
  • To check the water heaters if they operate properly
  • To change the filters when needed
  • To ascertain the proper installation of the electrical systems
  • To scrutinize the premises for possible blight, mold or rust
  • To make sure that appliances are functional (in case of fully and semi-equipped condo rental units)
  • To inspect the exterior for any possible damages due to weather

To ensure that the matters regarding maintenance and repair of the unit is promptly attended to, many condo owners tap qualified property managers. The role of the latter is to ascertain that the property is in good dwelling condition and tenants are satisfied with their stay.

Notwithstanding the steep rules to be followed as tenant of a condo unit, it is the above-mentioned convenience that outweighs it. The quality of services forlong term rental Phuket offers today is the main reason why many renters choose to rent and reside in a condo than in an apartment.

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Reasons Why Vacation Home is Better than Hotel Accommodation

 If Thailand is your next travel destination, then try visiting Koh Tao island. Vacation rental villas are available for the best accommodation. You will surely enjoy your vacation in this part of Asia, more so if you have your own private pool! Booking a high-quality villa Koh Tao has today will let you experience a really rewarding and remarkable escapade of a lifetime.  This type of accommodation offers a homey room for you to rest after long days from beaches and local attractions. Its superb amenities and exceptional services are far way better than hotels and resorts, not to mention the pricey rental rates the latter offers.

villa Koh Tao

Along with the rise of tourism in Thailand, many vacation rental properties are in the market today. They are offered mostly for short term leases. Tourists arriving in groups and teams of families choose vacation homes vis-à-vis hotel accommodations. Below are the known reasons:

1. Superb Extravagance Matched with Utmost Privacy

Renting a vacation rental property in Koh Tao lets you stay in peace and in your very own space with no disturbance at all. Unlike in a hotel, maids will walk in at wrong moments, plus noises outside your room can be heard because the walls are thin that separates you from the hall and the room next door. The hotel or resort’s pool and spa are also communal, making it overcrowded. With a rental villa Koh Tao market offers today, you will enjoy your cozy place. You will have an own pool and spa with extended decks, loungers, covered lanai and patio, and with easy access to the beach. Hosting a barbeque party with your entourage is very possible.

Below are other amenities included in a rental package:

  • Home theaters
  • Master suites and multiple bedrooms
  • Game rooms with billiard tables, foosball, air hockey, darts and PlayStations.
  • Fully equipped kitchen  plus complete dining utensils
  • TVs, DVD player (sometimes Blu Ray), DVD library, computers and high-speed internet access via Wi-Fi.

2. Accessibility and Great Location

Most vacation homes for rent are located in a gated and secured community. However, with the gargantuan array of properties to choose from, you can find properties in a secluded mountain, in a serene beach, and in close proximity to local attractions. You have the option to stay close to where the fun is. The rental house can be minutes away and of walking distance to the attractions, dining places, grocery shops and other vacation hot spots.

3. Savings and Value for Your Money

If you travel as a family or in a group, booking for a vacation home is the wisest thing to do. For instance, you have 8 people in your group then a 4 bedroom villa will suffice. You will have everyone intact instead of getting additional room accommodation in the case of a hotel.

With a fully furnished kitchen, you can also cook your own food for the whole group instead of dining outside and paying much. You will save a fraction of your food budget even without you knowing it.

And since vacation is time for fun, bonding and unwinding, you will have time to play and enjoy the moments with your kids or friends. You may choose between indoor and outdoor games because the best villa Koh Tao island has today includes entertainment facilities for guests, as mentioned above.

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